LOHAS Expo is the trade expo for Organic, Health and Green Living products with the aim to promote LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) since 2012.  The event has attracted a diverse array of well-known global enterprises and brands from countries and regions around the world – China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Philippines, France and USA, etc.








· LOHAS Consumption has been grown as a mainstream consumption trend, consumers  spend on goods and services that appeal to consumers who value health, the environment, social justice, personal development, and sustainable living.


· Sustainable product innovation is being driven by the enormous market opportunity. More and more entrepreneurs are now responding to this new and exciting LOHAS market disrupting businesses.


· The growing market trends of environmental, personal health and animal rights concerns have created a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products, resulting in a significant growth of the Veg-markets.


· Hong Kong is one of the favorite cities of Chinese people seek for high quality products. Hong Kong remains the best platform for international brands testing the market before entry of Chinese Mainland.







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